South American Powder Tours

TPS 2017 10 day camp

Dates : August 7th-16th
Total days: 10 days total, 6 days of riding
Resorts: La Parva, El Colorado, Valle Nevado, Portillo, Ski Arpa
Cities: Santiago, Farellones, Los Andes, Viña Del Mar, Valparaiso, Con Con
Price: $4100

Day 1: Santiago
Your adventure begins when we greet you at the airport. A short drive later you'll arrive at your hotel, settle in for a quick minute to recharge your batteries because you're about to take a beautiful tour of Chile's capital Santiago. You'll spend the day exploring the city's markets, beautiful architecture, historical monuments, and delicious cuisine. At the end of the day you'll dine at one of Santiago's most popular and historic restaurants located near your hotel.

Days 2-5: Farellones
Day two marks the start of your epic adventure of riding nothing but the best mountains Chile has to offer. You'll stay in the village of Farellones, nestled in between the resorts of La Parva, El Colorado and Valle Nevado. You'll see beautiful sunsets, shred endless powder and discover a Chilean favorite, the Pisco sour. On the night of day five we head to the small town of Los Andes and the resort hotel Enjoy. Rest and relax is the mission of the night and the following day.

Day 6: Los Andes relax & Wine tour
Today’s mission is to recharge your batteries and enjoy the spa. We casually wake and enjoy this 5 star hotel and it’s spa options. For lunch we’ll be heading to one of the nearby vineyards for a tour and some amazing Chilean cuisine. After dinner get some rest as tomorrow will be a day you will never forget.

Day 7: Ski Arpa
Today is a day I can safely say you’ll never forget. Ski Arpa is a snow cat operation located in the middle of nowhere Andes and in the shadow of the tallest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. Mount Aconcagua is as impressive as it it as tall standing at 22,841ft. We’ll spend the day dropping 3,000ft plus runs and since only a max of 20 people are allowed a day there’s a very good chance most of that run you won’t be crossing anyone else’s tracks. We’ll be staying the night in the little city of Los Andes. Relax and Recharge tomorrow we hit up the world renowned resort of Portillo.

Day 8: Portillo
We wake up early and head an hour towards the Argentinean border and the resort of Portillo. Portillo is one of the most scenic ski resorts in Chile as well as one of the oldest. We’ll spend the day riding the steeps and sitting back to marvel at the beautiful Lago Del Inca, a lake sitting at 9,360ft. After the day riding is done we head back to Santiago for some night life and dinner.

Day 9: The Coast- Viña Del Mar & Valparaiso
It's time to go down to the coast and get to know the cities of Viña Del Mar, Valpariaso and Con Con. These three cities embody what Chile is all about-relaxation, fun and spectacular views. We arrive in Viña Del Mar the morning of the ninth day and stay at a hotel located one block from the beach. After checking in we head over to Valparaiso to explore one of the most unique cities on the planet. Valparaiso is a world heritage site that does not disappoint. Soak in the culture and art works that cover the city. When the sun goes down it’s time to head out for a night of dancing as we’ll be staying a couple blocks from numerous night clubs, restaurants and bars.

Day 10: Con Con
On day ten we wake up and head to Con Con for a morning surf session. If you’ve never surfed no worries you’ll be spending an hour and half with a local instructor. After surfing we head to one of the areas local restaurants to enjoy what most say is the best meal of the entire tour. If you like seafood you’ll be in heaven. After lunch we take the drive back to Santiago and your flight back to reality.

The price of the quote includes:
- 10 days, 9 nights accommodations (3-5star)
- All transportation once in Chile (Rental vans)
- 5 days Lift tickets, 1 day snowcat (5 days, Valle Nevado, El Colorado, La Parva, Portillo,1 Cat Ski Arpa day)
- Breakfast, dinner, 1 wine tour
- Surf lesson & rental gear
- 4:1 coach to camper ratio and 24/7 native Chilean guide
- Photographer/filmer
- Huge goodie bag with tons of gear from our sponsors

Does not include:
- Airfare to Chile (we can help you find the lowest fare)
- Entertainment (booze, bars & clubs)
- Avalanche equipment (Beacon, Probe, Shovel)