Writing this review is bittersweet; it means I get to look back on the -hands down- absolute, best time of life, but it also means I am home and no longer slaying powder runs in Chile with the most epic crew.
Ian Gil in all seriousness, is one of the most fun-loving, passionate, creative, and kind individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with! SND’s mission is to share that passion for Chile, snowboarding, and fun all rolled into one life altering trip. every expectation I had for this 10 day adventure was exceedingly shattered from the moment I was met at the airport in Santiago. SND Tours custom curated tours around multiple chilean cities, mountain towns, and beaches left my heart overflowing with gratitude for the history, culture, beauty and [OMG] food of this wonderful place!
embarking on an all girls snowboarding camp in another country, SOLO, gave me that nervous excitement. my goal was to leave with some lifelong friends, and i can confidently say that i checked that box. our girl gang varied in ages, locations, and backgrounds, yet we all fit together like puzzle pieces. The BTBOUNDS coaches and SND Tours made sure we were safe at all times while teaching us about the mountains, and encouraging us to try new things and become better riders. My skills were challenged, and I learned a ton all while having a blast with a bunch of like-minded badass ladies. Farellones, Ski Arpa, empanadas, familia, pisco sours, Valparaiso, seafood, Chile dogs, laguna del inca, 5 am dancing, unreal sunsets, powder turns, smiles for days, pebre, and even the Tres Puntas poma lift - so beyond grateful to have experienced you! And thankfully, Ian is a BOSS with his cameras, capturing your memories the whole way through. His photos make the best souvenirs!
and lastly the wine. I had to segregate it because it deserves its own review; CHILE HAS THE BEST VARIETAL OF WINE. EVER. I will never get enough Carmenére!
If you are reading these testimonials and you HAVEN’T committed to this trip yet, stop right here and go sign up. it will be the best decision you have ever made for yourself.
If anyone sees my heart down in Chile, I definitely left it there. but I’m coming back to make more memories soon!

- Monica Poehner
Professional Travel Nurse
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Let me tell you a thing or two about Steep-n-Deep Tours....... Ian Gil the owner and soul runner of Steep-n-Deep is nothing short of a miracle worker. He took a group of #12gringasand1chilean and created a lifetime worth of memories in one week. Not only is he knowledgeable and has the patience of a saint, he's an all around nice guy. He made it his personal mission to make sure each of us had the most amazing trip. He took us on super fun historical tours of his home country, to the best ski/snowboarding resorts in the Farellonnes, to Casablanca for wine tasting and to Concon beach for surfing. The amount of activities he was able to book in a 7 day window was awe inspiring. Not only did we get to stay in the nicest hotels, get treated like family in every restaurant we visited, we practically took over the Hotel Farellonnes like it was our own. 
All the Chilean locals we met were the kindest people on earth. We stopped by a woman's home on the way down the mountain and had homemade empanadas in her front yard! Chileans are the most hospitable people I've ever had the honor of meeting and I can see why Ian is so proud of his home and culture. If you ever want a unique Chilean experience where you're treated like family every step of the way, 110% I would recommend Steep N Deep to any and everyone. Thank you Ian for the best trip, I can't wait until next year!  

- Fawn B,
Professional banana
Getting to go to Chile with Steep and Deep tours was like winning the lottery. A trip of a lifetime shared with 9 girls and host Ian Gil. From the minute we all met at the airport I felt uncontrollable excitement. We connected while touring Santiago enjoying the cities views and learning about the culture and history. Then off to Farrellones, a dream ski town, for four days of riding different resorts with deep pow! Ian held an avalanche clinic, and discussed related topics every morning. Ian has great tastes, the hotel he reserved was fantastic, he knew the owners and they were so kind and nice, felt at home! We’d watch amazing sunsets from the deck, enjoy great food and play games.
Then off to a winery for tasting and relaxing, continuing on to the coast of Valparaiso, Ian’s stomping grounds. Showing us the city’s incredible street art,coastline,nightlife, chile dogs, pisco sours, and terremotos! Did the add on of catskiing at Ski Arpa, must do in so many ways, did a 3000 ft run in pow! Feeling safe the whole time made this trip extra special, big group of ladies on all kinds of agendas, Ian made sure everyone was enjoying. I planned for epic snowboarding, and am astonished how all the new friendships ands experiences were equally as EPIC.

- Annie Devlin
Snowboard Jedi
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