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You may be asking yourself why hire a tour guide and pay that extra cash to have someone show you around? Our answer is we feel our service is invaluable to people traveling to our part of the world. We take away any second guessing, questioning what chair to take, where the best snow is, where the best food is and most importantly what is this Chilean person saying to me?

Our main goal is to show you the time of your life. If you don't believe us just take the words of some of our clients...

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Steep-N-Deep is the real deal!!!
Steep N Deep is a tour group in Chile ran by a good friend Ian Gil. I’ve been going down to Chile the last 11 years to snowboarding. The last two seasons I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around Chile with Ian and his crew. Ian’s great knowledge of local spots in Chile definitely gives you the type of trip you would only get traveling with a local. His knowledge of where to go when it snows is as good as it gets. During his trips we found hip deep pow wow in the mountains, drank pints and seafood on the coast. Anyone interested in trying to get away from sweaty summer camps and wanting to experience a real South American snowboard trip should check this out. Like I said before…Steep-N-Deep is the real deal!
- Tamo Campos, Co-founder, Beyond Boarding
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If you want to really experience Chilean culture and ride some of the best snow and terrain on planet earth then STEEP-N-DEEP is a must! Ian is an experienced snowboarder, photographer, artist and an amazing guide on top of being an incredible person in general. From the city of Santiago for a Chile history lesson and beautiful architecture, to the beaches of Vina Del Mar, Con Con and my favorite Valparaiso for some great seafood, amazing art and beautiful sunsets on the pacific coast, to the Andes Mountain ranges of the three valleys of Valle Nevado, El Colorado and La Parva and down to the Termas De Chillan for endless pow and terrain, this is guaranteed to be a trip of a lifetime!
- Curtis Woodman, Pro Snowboarder, Arbor Snowboards

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I came to Chile to film a snowboard section for a documentary film, and to gather photos and stories for a feature I am writing for Snowboard Canada Magazine. My crew consisted of two photographers and six snowboarders. Partnering with STEEP-N-DEEP helped our production in a huge way. For two weeks, Ian toured us through Chile, and helped us chase snow, surf, and learn about the culture. He knew where the snow would be good, and where we would be able to find the features, landscapes, and lighting we needed to get the footage we wanted for our film. In addition to guiding us, he helped us by filming and taking photos. We will be able to use many of his shots in our film, as well as for online and print media.

What really stood out about Ian and SND was how well rounded our tour was and how much fun we had every day. Though Ian worked extremely hard to help us with our filming agenda, he also took care to show us Chilean culture, and to make sure we were always smiling. Ian made sure we weren’t missing the Chilean lifestyle as we worked, and his attitude and knowledge enriched our time in Chile immensely. It was a pleasure working with SND, and I hope to work with Ian again in the future.
- Dave MacKinnon, co- founder, Beyond Boarding

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Absolutely amazing … No other words can describe my recent summer adventure with Ian and STEEP-N-DEEP. From the very instant I landed in Santiago until I departed I was constantly in awe of how the trip was exceeding my expectations. To start, I never knew a lot about Chile and its history but after touring the city with Ian, I honestly can say I learned more than I did in some classes in college. Ian was extremely knowledgeable and gave a very interesting local viewpoint. Once we moved to the mountains is where I really became shocked by the trip. I always had a vision in my head of big mountain boarding but this far exceeded my expectations. There was ENDLESS terrain that was untouched and ours for the taking. Being that it was my first time riding big mountains, Ian was extremely helpful in giving me some coaching tips and encouraging me to push my boundaries a little to really get everything out of the trip. I couldn’t thank him enough. My level of boarding exponentially increased on a daily basis and now I am confident to tackle any terrain on any mountain. Ian was also extremely prepared. He provided our group with extra goggles and riding bags and anything else we needed to make the most of the trip. Even though we experienced one of Chile’s worst months of snow, Ian’s ability to plan the trip accordingly and make alterations to the itinerary allowed us to have three amazing days riding out of the four we spent on the mountain. Extremely high winds closed some lifts on the last three days but Ian incorporated a hiking day and even a day where ski patrol rode us up on snowmobiles into almost whiteout conditions. ABSOLUTLEY EPIC! Ian is also an amazing photographer. I have literally hundreds of amazing quality pictures from the trip. One is so amazing that a local painter from my neighborhood asked to paint it for his gallery. The pictures (and videos) will make our amazing trip last a lifetime and might be the biggest difference in separating Ian from other tours I have researched. Finally, Ian was just a genuinely nice guy who only goal was to provide us with the most amazing trip ever with as little complications as possible. I am proud to say that Ian is someone I will have a long friendship with and will plan future trips with him and SND. He succeeded beyond expectations. ANYONE who is considering going on a riding trip in Chile would be foolish not to hire Ian of STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours.
- Matt Gott, Law Student, Nova South Eastern University
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Our recent trip to Chile started off with a bang. Ian met us at the airport, took us right to the hotel and then we hit the town. It was huge not having to worry about any of the details once we got there (especially after just getting off a 15 hour flight and not speaking any Spanish). Santiago is a great city, and Ian’s intimate knowledge of its history coupled with his current local’s view, elevated our experience to a whole other level. After an entire day exploring the city including more than a few Pisco sour pit stops, a couple great meals, some history, a mountain top sunset and a late night on the town, we were already ready to consider the trip a success. Then we got to the skiing, which was definitely among the best I’ve ever done. Unfortunately, the winter down there had been as weak as we had in the north in the 2011/2012 season and Ian made a fabulously clutch call the week before we flew down to switch our reservations from the mountains around Santiago to head a bit further away, to Termas de Chillan. This was just one of several times during the trip when Ian proved himself invaluable, as the skiing down there was fantastic, and without his ‘boots on the ground’ take on the current environment/conditions and his connections to the various resorts, we would have flown half way around the world to ski dirt patches. After just a few hours into our first blue bird powder day, we knew we had made the right call and were lucky to have chosen the right guide. It’s also certainly worth noting that Ian is an incredibly skilled photographer. That we left Chile with hundreds of professional quality photos, taken both on the mountain and off, documenting our whole experience, was a distinguishable luxury not lost on us. Ian happily worked within our budget to provide us with an unparalleled South American experience, that I am certain could not have been matched by either trying to plan the trip by myself or using a different guide service.
- Dylan Elkind, NYC Entrepreneur
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If you're up for an adventure this summer you should look no further and book a STEEP-N-DEEP tour! Snowboarding in the middle of August is awesome, but there is so much more to this tour that you will enjoy. You really get a bit of everything; beautiful sights, delicious food and wine, and a unique cultural experience. Not to mention the photos Ian takes of you are priceless. When I arrived in Santiago I wasn't sure what to expect, but Ian navigated us around the city always making sure we were in the right place at the right time. One of the first things he introduced me to was a little treat called the Pisco Sour, it was delicious and the perfect start to a great trip! After a night in Santiago we made our way up to the mountains, they were stunning! I wasn't blessed with a snowstorm during my trip, but still had lots of fun riding. I loved the hotel Ian brought us to, location was convenient, staff was very friendly and they served us delicious breakfast and dinner everyday. I felt completely safe there and never had to worry about stuff that I left in the room. After a few days of riding we headed to Viña Del Mar on the of coast of Chile. While we were there I had some of the best seafood of my life! It was fresh and inexpensive. We also checked out a few clubs in the city, one had six floors with different types of live music on each floor, and a sweet rooftop. The only bad part about this trip was leaving. I felt like the week I spent there flew by, but I had seen and done so much in that short amount of time. I had a great time on this trip, I would do it again in a heartbeat and I wouldn't do it any other way, except I would stay longer! If you go to Chile with SND you will be in great hands and have the time of your life! Enjoy!
- Jackie Adamcewicz, Manager, SNO Haus
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Lucky is the only word that describes having Ian as our guide. If we didn’t have his support and expertise we would have been totally lost in Chile. He knew every mountain like the back of his hand no matter what the snow conditions. He is always able to find some fun powder and terrain even in overcast 60mph windy days. Another thing I was stoked on was Ian's knowledge of his native country. It was more than just a snowboarding experience. He took us to some insane spots in Santiago and a really cool seaport. We ate amazing food and drank a few too many Pisco Sours. The moment I was really thankful god for having Ian as our guide was when one of our crew dislocated his shoulder. With our rudimentary Spanish we were unable to communicate with ski patrol and even tell them what was wrong. Ian stepped in and saved the day. He helped out with ski patrol and spent the rest of his day at the hospital making sure our friend was taken care of. I seriously don’t know what would have happened had he not been there with us. Having Ian as a guide was epic on and off the mountain. I just wish I could have stayed for a month instead of a week. See ya next year!
-Jonathan ”Junior” Kantor, Eastern Sale manager, Skull Candy
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First and foremost, the minute we stepped foot in Chile, things were incredibly easy for us. Not having to worry about transport, hotels, meals, etc., gave us that much more time to enjoy the sights, sounds, culture, food, and most importantly, the skiing. Ian has everything well organized, and was able to work perfectly with our budget. He was also a great guy to have along on the trip, as he fit in very well with the group - it was more like having a fourth friend along for the trip than it was having a tour guide. That said, he was very informative and excited to talk about the culture and history of Chile. He had extensive knowledge of his country and was always there to make sure we didn't take any wrong turns. The skiing was an absolute blast - the mountains of Chile are unbelievably beautiful and awe-inspiring. Food was amazing, especially at the hotel in Termas. I would definitely recommend Ian and STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours to anyone interested in an excellent trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world!
- Brian Seymor, Associate, Capital Crossing
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Steep-n-deep powder tours; truly the adventure of a lifetime! When I stepped off the plane I had no idea what to expect, the sea of Spanish speaking people was intimidating but as soon as I saw my guide, Ian, I immediately relaxed and knew I was destined for a good time. That first night we explored the city of Santiago, and I was blown away by the delicious food, sights of the city, and amazing Chilean culture. Our first mountain stop was Termas de Chillan, and this is where I was left breathless. The pure beauty of the massive mountains was like nothing I had seen before. Many times as we were snowboarding I would take a moment, sit down in the snow and wonder at the beauty. Ian’s knowledge of the mountains backcountry was amazing and resulted in endless powder and phenomenal views. As my ten days in Chile flew by my Spanish speaking abilities increased a tiny bit, but my love and appreciation for the Chilean culture and Steep-n-deep powder tours soared. I realized that I would have never been able to do this on my own. Being guided by a Native Chilean, fluent in both English and Spanish, is a remarkable advantage. Ian knows the land, the people, AND knows how to have a good time. He was kind and courteous, and always considered the groups ability level. In considering the groups ability level he seemed to know the perfect way to take you out of your comfort zone and show you how to push your limits. All in all my steep-n-deep powder tour turned out to be the best ten days of my life. I would recommend this trip to anyone with an adventurous streak and as soon as I have another opportunity to get back to Chile, I’m taking it. Do yourself a favor, take a Steep-n-deep powder tour and have the time of your live; you owe it to yourself!!!

Kaitlyn Hummel
Asst. Manager Vertical Bliss, Killington VT

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If you are reading this and thinking about booking a trip with STEEP-N-DEEP I have two words for you: DO IT!! The week my friends and I spent in Chile will be something I remember and think about for the rest of my life, thanks in large part to Ian and SND. From the moment we got off the plane Ian was on point and in control. He handled everything from arranging transportation and hotels, to knowing where to find the best empanada and Pisco sour, to finding the sneaky powder stashes on a windswept day. Throughout our trip everything was well planned and thought out, and when conditions beyond our control altered those plans; Ian was always ready with an alternate course of action that was sure to please the entire group. Ian's extensive knowledge of the cities and the mountains of Chile, local hotspots, culture, and his acting as a translator (the Chilean dialect is very difficult to understand, even for someone who speak Spanish relatively well!!), proved to be invaluable time and time again. I went down to South America in search of some mid-summer powder turns; thanks to Ian we found that and much, much more. With Ian's friendly and knowledgeable leadership and guidance, I not only shredded some of the most unbelievable terrain I have ever seen, but left feeling I had seen what Chile is all about, and not just the mountains. He is a man who truly loves what he does, and wakes up every morning looking to show you all the best that Chile has to offer no matter the conditions. So if you are looking for some amazing snowboarding and an insider's peek into Chilean life don't hesitate, start planning your trip with Ian and SND today!!

- Lucas Perkins, Engineer, MASS DOT highway

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I dislocated my arm while hitting a big backcountry kicker in Chile. Ian was instrumental in helping me navigate the Chilean healthcare system. He was with me every step of the way. At the hospital, Ian translated the doctor’s comments and helped keep me calm. I would have been in serious trouble had Ian not been our guide. He even helped me negotiate a cheaper bill! I highly recommend STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours when riding in Chile.
- Greg Zolman, NYC Investor at a hedge fund
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From the stunning shores of Viña Del Mar, to the port city of Valpariaso, all the way to Santiago and beyond into the boundless Andes, there is no sight in Chile that would fail to impress even the most experienced of travelers.
with the first day of riding providing us with over three feet of fresh and endless powder on El Colorado and Valle Nevado each day we rode, Chile is any snowboarder's dream come true. Looking over the edge of Valle Nevado you get that feeling that cannot be matched by any mountain that I have ever ridden.
Before you even reach the end of your first run, you will be able to realize why Ian has such a strong passion for both his sport and his country. His vast knowledge of both the past and the present of his country proves to be more than useful both on and off of the mountains. Navigating not only down the mountains, but through the endless grid of city streets and rustic countryside roads, Ian's information and expertise will allow you to sit back and "enjoy the ride" while gaining insight on a new country and have nonstop fun while doing so. Not only will you learn about another culture, but Ian will encourage you to engage in the culture, including learning some of the language and using it with the natives, as well as pushing you just the right amount on the mountain to improve your skills and ability level while having fun.
Throughout the trip, we ate at restaurants and saw sights that people would not be able to discover any AAA tour book. The nightlife was exciting, and each day revealed new, gorgeous sights to be seen. Being guided by Ian, a native Chilean, you are able to receive the true traditional Chilean experience and have a kick ass time doing so. Having travelled to many places around the world, I can truly say that Chile has been by far my favorite trip to date, and I plan on using Steep-N-Deep for many more Chilean adventures in the future. From endless plates of seafood to free flowing Pisco Sours, breathtaking sights rich in Chilean culture and history, to the exhilarating nightlife….I challenge you to NOT have the time of your life…
Laura Kozel
University of Colorado
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For over 15 years I’ve been trying to get to the southern hemisphere to shred in the summertime. (Ever since I saw the movie riders on the storm with Chris Roach and Terje Haakonsen ripping Valle Nevado.) So finally in 2012 I made the decision to go. We knew the best way to go was with somebody who was local. That’s when I got in touch with STEEP-N-DEEP South American Powder Tours. Ian and his crew filled us in on everything we needed to know to start planning our trip. While the spring snow was melting on the east coast we had our trip planned for the last two weeks of August. With a short flight to Miami it was a quick six hours to Santiago where SND met us at the airport. Hotel and car arrangements were arranged for us, we didn’t have to do a thing. The first day we bounced around Santiago, visited many of the historic and scenic spots, all while indulging in the local food and drink. The next day we headed up to Valle Nevado. Skies were blue and there was two feet of fresh snow, we couldn’t really get a better first day. For the next two weeks we ripped all local resorts and some backcountry as well as taking a break in the middle to go to Vina Del Mar on the coast. Catching live shows and great nightlife on the coast. Back in the mountains for La Chimanaya and some of the sickest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Having my last café con piernes, I hated leaving. After traveling around the world, I have to say this was the best place I’ve been. From the culture, to the mountains and a great guided tour, we had an unreal experience. If you have a passion for life and a love for the mountains you have to get STEEP-N-DEEP!
- Brian Moellman, Manager 802 Snowboard Shop, Burlington VT
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My group's trip to Chile was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combined big mountain snowboarding and a tour of what makes Chile such a unique place. The trip was impeccably planned by STEEP-N-DEEP and made sure our group was exposed to knee-deep powder stashes, Santiago's nightlife and the scenic Pacific coast. SND was a dream to work with. Usually I have to coordinate air and ground travel, book hotel rooms, negotiate discounts, and all the other little stuff that goes along with planning a vacation for a group. SND took care of all of that, PLUS gave some helpful advice on what to expect while in Chile, which was invaluable for a bunch of newbies. The language barrier was also addressed because our tour guide handled all the translating for us. SND also worked with our limited budget, and provided us with a vacation other tour groups couldn't match. For anyone looking to take a trip to the Andes and enjoy everything that the region can offer, SND is the tour group for you. I simply could not have organized a trip of such high caliber on my own. I'll definitely be going down again soon!!
- Luke Bulino, Senior New Product Development Engineer
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My time with STEEP-N-DEEP in Chile fell nothing shy of epic!! The vibe stayed positive, and the riding was incredible. Ian really knows the mountains down there and does a real banger job guiding. He really knew the local stashes way better than the locals did! As someone that works in the snow-sports industry, I'd recommend SND without a doubt as the place to go and get your summer powder turns in. There's a lifetime of fresh tracks for the taking out there, and the whole experience was a blast. I spent two weeks in Chile but could have easily stayed the month. Simply put: I'll be going back.
- Homer Horowitz, Snow Sports, Mountain Creek Snow Resort
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A few friends and I finally realized a dream that we had been talking about for years. A summer ski vacation in Chile. Not knowing how it would all come together, or if we could make it through the country without being able to speak Spanish, but luckily we found Ian Gil and STEEP-N-DEEP. Ian took all the worry out of the trip and allowed us to truly enjoy where we were. Ian's ability to speak Spanish and his in-depth knowledge of the country made our trip unforgettable. His unique knowledge of the mountains, food, culture, cities, and the history of Chile truly made our trip something that will never be matched. Chile itself is mind blowing. A beautiful country, from the sunsets, to the colorful mountains, to the deeply rooted culture that is brightly displayed though out the country. If you have ever thought of taking a ski trip to Aspen and Vail, you have to go to Chile. It will be the best decision you've ever made. The mountains are above tree line and creates an unimaginably beautiful place to ride whether you are an avid skier of a rookie snowboarder. Ian's ability to find the best the mountains have to offer is a gift. Endless powder run after run will get your legs tired but taking time to enjoy the Chilean food and culture puts you right where you need to be. This country has so much to offer and Ian knows just how to show it to you. He makes sure to teach you about Chile's history while showing you what Santiago has to offer. Getting a good taste of the city before heading to the mountains and then driving to the beach (all in the same trip!) is a unique experience that only a place like Chile can offer. You need a guide to show you the things you wouldn't normally see, and Ian is the perfect guy to do it. His welcoming personality and sense of humor will ensure that you never have a dull moment. Chile has so much to offer and has given my friends and I a lifetime of memories and stories to talk about. Book a trip with Ian and SND and you will not regrets a single dollar spent. All you need to do is bring a sense of adventure and Ian takes care of the rest! Do yourself a favor and get to Chile!!
- Damien Harkins, Sales Manager, Tiffany's
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In 2007 after concluding my winter riding season in Killington, Vermont I felt the desire to keep riding. After contacting Ian of STEEP-N-DEEP we arranged to meet in Santiago for two weeks in late July and early August. Ian explained he was born in Chile and spoke both English and Spanish. I knew I had made the right choice in choosing a guide. His passion and knowledge of his country and culture brought so much more to the experience. We stayed in the mountains enjoying breath taking sights and beautiful snow. Our hotel was at the base of El Colorado so getting on any of the three mountains was a few steps from our door. I enjoyed many sunsets from 12,000 feet where the sky remained a powerful red and pink glow changing the entire mountains to pink snow. We hiked up a peak to pick a traverse point over to El Colorado with eagles 20 feet about us. We toured the north country enjoying miles of beautiful vineyards and avocado fields. Spending a few days on the coastline staying in Viña Del Mar, a beautiful resort community of the pacific, eating and enjoying awesome seafood and excellent wines at a fraction of what I was accustomed to spending. I was treated like family as we visited with Ian's relatives and friends for lunch and dinner. I came away from this trip with a new lifetime friend whose company I continue to enjoy, beautiful memories and quite the photo album. Ian's ability as an expert rider/photographer is something to see, the camera keeps on going no matter what the terrain. I would strongly recommend SND and Ian Gil to anyone looking for a not-so-mainstream ski or boarding experience of a lifetime. The bus ride up and down the mountain and the view alone are worth the trip. I found everything about the Andes to be God-like, naturally preserved and timeless, truly heaven on Earth.
- Tony Urbano, Owner, Earth Materials
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There is so much to say about the country of Chile: the people, the food, the mountains, the snow, the sites and the Pisco Sours…and it was all brought together on a once of a lifetime trip by Ian and STEEP-N-DEEP. I knew it was going to be a great trip when our first stop after picking us up at the airport was a local watering hole in Santiago, and the fun never stopped the entire trip. Ian had every detail of the trip planned and timed perfectly. He was able to show us the local side of Santiago and Viña Del Mar with his local connections of friends and family. Packed in the middle of all of this was some of the best riding and the biggest mountains with amazing powder covering all of it. I have never been to a more serene place on the planet as the mountains of El Colorado and Valle Nevado. The memories from there will always stay with me, and Ian makes that even easier by proving to be one hell of a photographer. The powder was endless and the runs kept getting better and better. As a guide Ian kept taking us to the places on the mountain no one else was riding and it seemed we almost always had first tracks wherever we went. (Still not sure how he did that?!?!)
I know we could have gone to Chile and rode these mountains by ourselves, but we would have missed so many of the beautiful and fine details that Ian showed us along the way on every aspect of our trip. Anyone who is going to Chile for snowboarding should absolutely have Ian as their guide, as I know you will have a trip of a lifetime.
- Jeremy Salome, Sunrise Technologies

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STEEP-N-DEEP is the real deal. From pow filled gullies, cliff drops, and the Andes Mountains to the graffiti lined streets of Santiago, and the beaches of Viña Del Mar, Ian Gil's tour is on point every time. SUMMER snowboarding at its finest. Get on board soon or you'll be hearing about SND in Transworld before you know it!!
- Colin Boylan, Groomer, Killington Resort